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Orange Unveils New Rockerverb II Amplifiers

Orange Amps Rockerverb RK50C MKII 212

Orange has unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Rockerverb guitar amplifiers, the Rockerverb II

The new amps, due to launch in March, are designed to build on the solid
base of the originals and focus on fine-tuning, rather than reinventing the
Rockerverb sound. New tweaks include an enhanced valve F/X loop, a better
reverb tone and a new middle control for the clean channel´s EQ.

In addition, the combos have undergone a bit of a re-design, with the manufacturer
opting to move the control panel to the front of the amp. The company will also
be launching a smaller 1x12 version of the Rockerverb 50 model, which - believe
it or not, at £1,399 - represents a slightly more cost-effective solution than
its bigger brother.