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Marshall 'Movember': Limited edition cab unveiled

Marshall Amps has produced a special edition 'Movember' cab in support of the charity event, which raises awareness of men's cancers.

The cab, which you can see being made in the video above, is being given away as a competition prize along with a JCM2000 amplifier head for music-making Movember participants.

Contestants just have to upload a two-minute YouTube video of themselves 'rocking out' (we're not sure as to whether they mean dancing or playing) and send Movember the link. Head to the Movember website for more information.

Movember encourages menkind (it's a word!) everywhere to grow moustaches throughout the month of November and in 2009 raised a staggering £26million for selected cancer charities around the world.

Marshall 'movember' guitar amp

Marshall 'movember' guitar amp