London Exhibition To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Woodstock Festival

Next month a unique exhibition and accompanying book will mark the 40th anniversary of the most
famous music festival in history Woodstock.

Four decades on from the festival that witnessed Jimi Hendrix's most famous performance ever, 'Woodstock Experience' will run from 5 to 30 August at the Idea Generation Gallery in east London.

The exhibition will feature hundreds of amazing photographs, all taken from the limited edition book, or 'multi-media package', published by Genesis Publications and which will be launched on 4 August at the Gallery, also featuring original interviews with 65 artists including Crosby, Stills and Nash, Carlos Santana and Guthrie as well as festival organiser Michael Lang.

The whole experience aims to provide a visual trip through those legendary days in a field in upstate New York in 1969.

“The myth of Woodstock has grown and grown," says Graham Nash. "If all the people who told me they were at Woodstock were actually there then the whole world would have turned on its axis..."

“It was the most incredible door we ever walked through," says Carlos Santana. "You don´t forget the sound you hear first inside. It goes through your fingers to the guitar, to the amplifier, to the speakers, to the monitor, up into the P.A. It hit the people - 550,000 people - then it comes back at you.”

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© Dan Garson courtesy of Genesis Publications

© Henry Diltz courtesy of Genesis Publications