Jimi Hendrix app released for iPad and iPhone

(Image credit: William James Warren/Science Faction/Corbis)

Sony Music Entertainment and Experience Hendrix (the holding company of the Hendrix estate) have unveiled a Jimi Hendrix app for the iPad and iPhone that they hope will allow fans to interact (and presumably pay for) his music in brand new ways.

According to the press release, 'Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience', to give the app its full title, combines text, photos and videos to create "interactive chapters of Jimi's legacy".

What that means for the user is that they get a lot of information for free, including (non-critical) guides to his full discography, an interactive map of significant Hendrix locations and walk-throughs of significant gigs.

The discography section of the app features the full collection of official Hendrix releases and allows the user to stream iTunes previews of tracks they don't own and the full versions of those they have previously purchased. And, of course, iTunes integration means that users should be able to easily buy tracks through the app.

All cynicism aside though, TG reckons it's good to see music companies offering their customers a bit more than the usual 'go here, buy this', especially when it comes to Hendrix.

What do you think: innovation or in a rush to cash-in? Let us know through Facebook and Twitter.

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