Guitar Wars: vote for the best undiscovered guitar heroes!

TG´s quest to find the next axe hero is almost over. One of 13 guitarists will get to play at

Download Festival (opens in new tab)

2010 - but who will it be?

Guitar Wars

Over the past year TG has been on the hunt for the UK´s best undiscovered guitar heroes. We´re now opening the vote for you to choose your favourite from the list of 13 contenders below.

Ben Poole ( (opens in new tab))

Ryan Haberfield ( (opens in new tab))

Andy Vickery ( (opens in new tab) )

Mark Godden ( (opens in new tab) )

Sandy Buglass ( (opens in new tab))

Lee Wrathe ( (opens in new tab))

Joe Tighe ( (opens in new tab))

Richard Cruden ( (opens in new tab))

Carlos Garcia ( (opens in new tab))

Jimmy Owen ( (opens in new tab))

Ed Stevens ( (opens in new tab))

Ciaran O'Malley ( (opens in new tab))

Chantel McGregor ( (opens in new tab))

The three guitarists who receive the most votes will then go onto the final leg of the Guitar Wars journey where a panel of judges will decide who gets the coveted slot at Download (opens in new tab) 2010!

What are you waiting for? Cast your vote HERE (opens in new tab) now!