Got a question for Zach Myers from Shinedown? Let us know and win strings

Zach Myers with his signature PRS
Zach Myers with his signature PRS (Image credit: Joby Sessions)

We'll be catching up with guitarist Zach Myers from US rockers Shinedown at this year's Download festival and we want you to supply the questions.

Let us know your questions via the Total Guitar Facebook or e-mail.

The US melodic hard rockers are getting bigger and bigger in the UK, and so is their sound judging by new album Amaryllis. Although Shinedown were once a two-guitar band live, Zach has had to adjust to supplying the massive tones for Shinedown as their solo six-stringer for the last three years.

You may want to ask Zach about adjusting to this role, the gear he uses to get the Shinedown sound live and in the studio, or even about his massive guitar and vintage gear collection.

Finally, remember we're a guitar mag, so although we may slip in a few general ones, if you ask a question about their guitar playing or songwriting, you're much more likely to get it answered.

If we pick your question, it will feature in a future issue of TG and you'll win a set of D'Addario guitar strings.

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