Freebies: The Friday Free Download Round-Up

Have you noticed how many free MP3s are floating around nowadays? It´s almost as if bands want you to hear their music. Being the helpful sorts that we are, TG thought that we´d put them all together and post them on this here inter-web-site.

Some are weird as hell, some require email sign-ups, some your first-born, but they´re all free and they´ve all got guitars in and that´s the main thing. Hopefully you´ll find something you like…

The Smoking Hearts - ‘George Street Wrestling´

UK street-punks with some nifty guitar licks, The Smoking Hearts sound like NOFX´s El Hefe handling lead duties for The Dropkick Murphies.

Archie Bronson Outfit - ‘Shark´s Tooth´

We don´t have a clue how they make that treble-y buzz-saw guitar sound, but we like it. One for the dance floors of the land´s more discerning indie clubs.

Vampire Weekend - ‘Ruby Soho´ (cover of Rancid)

No we weren´t expecting this either, but the evidence is there. The quality of this one isn´t top notch, but it´s an interesting and surprising souvenir from the Brooklyn-based pop darlings.

Times New Viking - ‘2/11 Don´t Forget´

Yes, it´s meant to sound that lo-fi. ‘2/11 Don´t Forget´ sounds like The Velvet Underground and Brian Jonestown Massacre rolled into one and we love it. This download is apparently offered under the following stipulations: “1) you play it loud and often, and 2) you never forget 2/11”.

Alcoholic Faith Mission - ‘My Eyes To See´

More mad guitar experimentation at work here, somehow AFM have managed to create a tone that allows them to freely converse with whales and other sea-based life forms.

Trivium - ‘Slave New World´ (cover of Sepultura)

One for fans of all things LOUD and HEAVY. This isn´t available yet, but if you head to our sister mag,

Metal Hammer,

tomorrow (Saturday 13 February), you can bag this exclusive Sepultura cover from talented metallers Trivium. Don´t hang around though - it will only be available for 48 hours.

Matthew Parker

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