Free Track Friday: The week's best MP3 downloads

This week we've got free MP3 downloads from The Coral, The Young Veins, Young Rebel Set, The Beatsteaks and Foxx Bandits.

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Track of the week

Young rebel set free mp3 download

Young rebel set free mp3 download

Young Rebel Set - If I Was

This is the second YRS track we've featured in Free Track Fridays and they deserve the top spot. Their achingly-endearing working class acousticism grabs you in a way you just don't anticipate. This band should be bigger than they are.

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The Coral - Butterfly House

Having gone through a bit of a lacklustre period in the last few years, The Coral are back with new album 'Butterfly House' and it sounding a little more invigorated and, surprisingly, a little like the Mamas and Papas.

The Young Veins - Change

Unbelievably this is the new project from Panic At The Disco's Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. Surprisingly, The Young Veins have got that suns-kissed, analogue production that you find on Jefferson Airplane's early stuff and they write songs in a similar vein (no pun intended) too. We did not expect this.

The Beatsteaks - Jane Became Insane

These pop-punk stalwarts are massive in their native Germany, but for some reason they've never broken through in the UK. Their new record is a little more garage-rock and not short of nasty riffs.

Foxx Bandits - Vodka Lines

TG hadn't heard these chaps before we get sent this free download, but - considering they only played their first show this March - they sound like they've been toiling in the underground for a decade. Wistful, lo-fi pop for bloggers and 'muso's.

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