Free Track Friday: The week's best free MP3 downloads

This week we've got free MP3 downloads (with guitars in!) from Alice Cooper, Kula Shaker, Tommy Lee's Methods Of Mayhem, Black Mountain and Lavotchkin.

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Free track fridays: the week's best free mp3 downloads - kula shaker

Free track fridays: the week's best free mp3 downloads - kula shaker

Kula Shaker - Peter Pan RIP

Never mind Peter Pan, we thought Kula Shaker were long-gone! This psychedelic, folk gem proves otherwise though, pulling off the kind of dream-pop melodies that everyone's falling over themselves to write without sounding contrived.

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Methods Of Mayhem - Fight Song

Oh god, we REALLY shouldn't enjoy this. Everything screams "No!": it's rap metal, it's Tommy Lee, it's… well, those two things should be enough. However, what 'Fight Song' also has is huge riffs, a line that goes "Every time I see your face, I wanna f*** it up!" and undeniable energy. Is 2010 the year of the nu-metal rebirth? Probably not…

Alice Cooper - Elected

Cooper's been re-recording a bunch of his old favourites recently. Gawd knows why, but if the nicest dude in rock wants to give-away a free MP3 of the new version of 'Elected' and get a new crowd into his tunes, we ain't complaining.

Lavotchkin - The Werther Effect

We're not entirely sure what this song is about, just that Lavotchkin are not happy with it. We're glad they have an outlet though, because as a result of their un-cageable anger, we get some decent hardcore music.

Black Mountain - Old Fangs

There's kind of a stoner-metal vibe here, with a bit of early Black Sabbath riffage thrown in. Black Mountain aren't going to win any prizes for their positive mental attitude, but they might for their doom-y lyrics and atmospheric organ work. Big, black ribbon prizes, with lots of gothic ribbons.

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