Free Track Friday: Free MP3 downloads from The Decemberists, Kurt Vile and Primitai

This week we've got more songs than you can shake a stick at (assuming three is the maximum number of songs you can shake a stick at), with free MP3 downloads from The Decemberists, Kurt Vile, Primitai and Sunderbans.

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The Decemberists - Down By The Water

The decemberists free mp3 download down by the water

The decemberists free mp3 download 'down by the water'

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America's new folk royals are back in January with a new album 'The King Is Dead'. In the meantime they've kindly provided us with this free download which features REM guitarist Peter Buck.

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Kurt Vile - In My Time (Right-click and download)

A singer-songwriter in the Elliot Smith-style quiet, mumbling, endearingly indie mould. Indeed, Vile shares some of that underlying darkness, but seems to be slightly more at one with the world than Smith ever was.

Sunderbans - Road Kill

A heartbreaking but nonetheless cathartic slice of post rock in the vein of hardworking American indie sweethearts The National. These guys hail from London, though, and put a nice English spin on things à la Joy Division.

Primitai - The Craft (Right-click to download)

Primitai shred but without losing the plot and descending into a grimy pit of self-gratification. Check out this enjoyable and melodic romp through the best bits of metal (chugging riffs, ace solos, lyrics about death and "the power of the craft").