Foo Fighters' Shiflett To Tour UK In New Band Jackson United

Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett will head to the UK for tour dates with his new side-project band Jackson United.

The band, in which Shiflett writes all of the songs and sings lead vocals, are also releasing an album called Harmony And Dissidence on 3rd November.

Fellow Foos Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins played all the drums on the album, but won't be part of the tour.

Shiflett reckons playing in an unknown band is a new and fresh challenge for him: "We're just starting out, people don't know who we are, but that's sort of the fun of it for me," he said.

"This is definitely as diametrically opposed to the Foo Fighters as I think you could possibly be. You're playing to like 100 people in a bar and they don't know who the fuck you are. You gotta earn it."