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Ever Wondered What A $150K Guitar Looks Like? Plus Six Other Ways To Spend The Cash…

We stumbled across this

'59 Gibson Les Paul ‘Burst´

up for sale on Ebay during our morning´s ‘research´. It´s in great condition considering it´s over 50 years old. On the other hand it will set you back about $150,000, or roughly £95,000.

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This got TG thinking, we WANT that guitar, but what else could you pick up for a cool 95,000 shamolians? Let´s go shopping…

1) Approximately 450

Epiphone Les Paul 100s

. You´d probably want to get a range of colours. And some more guitar-stands.

2) This

three-bedroom semi-detached house

in Skegness. Or you could buy a one-bedroom house and store 225 Epiphone Les Paul 100s in there.

3) TWO brand new




. What´s better than one Jaguar XJ? Exactly.

4) One per-cent of

Abbey Road Studios

. They reckon it´ll go for about 10 million, so nab a piece of history.

5) This

Sunseeker Mustique 42

pleasure boat. For the laydeez.


A freaking helicopter

. Who doesn´t want a 1981 Eustorm F28F Helicopter sitting on their drive?