Bonna-madder? Joe Bonamassa loses his cool over Grammy snub

Bonamassa loses his cool over grammy snub

Bonamassa loses his cool over grammy snub

Blues ace Joe Bonamassama, who's usually renowned for his humble demeanour, has unleashed a volley of swear-laden complaints via his twitter after he was passed by in the recent Grammy nominations.

Image: © Christie Goodwin

UPDATE: 2 December: Joe has since deleted some of the tweets quoted below.

The tweets started at around 9am this morning, with Joe stating the facts:

"stats.12 records.. 9 # 1 blues albums... Sold out shows around the globe.. 0 Grammy nominations.. Honestly.. I used to care.. not anymore (sic)"

However, it quickly became apparent that JoBo had his heart set on a nomination and felt the awards ceremony had snubbed him, as he later stated:

"Disappointed and rejected isn't the word to describe how I feel again about being shut out of the Grammy nods.. Again.. 12 in a row.. (sic)"

Things then started to get a "bit sweary", as Joe followed up with...

"Im honestly so done with this bullshit... I will never submit another record again for the Grammys.. Its a waist of my time and postage. (sic)"

And then finally…

"How many consecutive #1's does it take ... ??? Fuck off.."

We feel his pain. We've lost count of how many issues TG has been the number one guitar magazine in Europe now, but how many Grammys have we won? NONE. It's a f****** travesty.

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