Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Guitars Stolen

American rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have had their guitar equipment stolen in what the band are calling a “brazen” break-in.

It´s the kind of thing that causes you to awake suddenly in
the middle of the night, in a small pool of your own man/lady-sweat, but the sad fact that we all must face is that, while your lovingly-tended axe may be worth
the world to you, it´s also worth 50 quid to a crack-head.

Therefore we can understand the intense sense of devastation
that BRMC must be experiencing. The San Franciscans' lock-up was broken into on
27 January and they have lost several, very valuable, vintage guitars and amps,
including a 1954 Fender Esquire and a 1968 Gretsch Country Gentleman Single

The band are asking anyone who cares to spread the word
about the robbery and keep an eye out for the equipment. This kind of stuff
doesn´t pop up at just any guitar shop, so keep your eyes peeled!

BRMC´s Stolen Guitar Equipment

1954 Fender Esquire Guitar (Yellow, with Black Pickguard)

1968 Gretsch Country Gentleman Single Cutaway Guitar

1964 Black Fender Precision Bass

1968 Ampeg Scrolltop Fretless Bass

Matthew Parker

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