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Zildjian pay a visit to Chris Evans on Radio 2

The listeners of Radio 2 were treated to the sweet sound of Zildjian cymbals last Thursday when the Zildjian Drummers Achievement Award (ZDAA) (sponsored by Rhythm) honouring Ginger Baker was announced on Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 show.

The announcement was broadcast live to over five million listeners, including those listening digitally in Europe, making the Chris Evans Drivetime Radio Show, with an average of 5.2 million listeners, Europe's biggest early evening radio show!

Glen Rowe, Production Manager for the ZDAA and director of Cato Music Ltd, was in the studio to provide the Zildjian sound effects for Chris throughout the two hour broadcast. During the show Chris interviewed Craigie Zildjian live on air about the history of Zildjian and how their cymbals are made. He also quizzed Glen about the Zildjian players and guests appearing at the ZDAA.

The cymbals played on the show were:

14" K Custom Dark hi-hats
12" K Custom Dark splash
16" A Custom crash
18" A Custom crash
18" Oriental China Trash
20" Avedis Medium ride
20" Z Custom ride

You can re-listen to the show (from last Thursday) by clicking HERE. Just remember that the show won't be available forever!

For all the latest news on the Zildjian Drummers Achievement Awards stay tuned to and

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