Yamaha release Pocket Club clinic video



Yamaha have released the first of three exclusive video previews for their Pocket Club clinic tour.

The tour sees Ash Soan and Neal Wilkinson join forces for 11 dates this September.

To whet your appetite further for these highly-anticipated clinics, Yamaha is releasing a behind-the-scenes preview for each of the next three Mondays.

Of the clips, Ash comments: ""With this video footage and indeed the tour we are aiming to bring the conversation back to what the instrument is actually about; to showcase and discuss what it's musical 'job' is . Playing riffs at a million miles an hour and demonstrating complicated techniques is not what Neal and I are about - this time round we want to inform and inspire by taking a more intimate, simple -in conversation withapproach. We really believe the viewers and people coming to the events will learn more and appreciate that keeping it simple is the best strategy for getting work, and fitting in with fellow band members more effectively and creatively."

You can view the first video here. For more details of the tour head here.

Rich Chamberlain

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