World's youngest pro drummer crowned



© Kirsty Umback/Corbis

Guinness World Records has crowned a new king in its youngest professional drummer category (no we didn't know it existed either), and this youngster makes Tony Royster jr look like a late starter.

Julian Pavone is now credited with the honour, with the book listing that he started his pro career at the age of five years, ten months and three days, CBS reports.

Rules state that a drummer must have featured on at least one commercial recording and played at least 20 shows of 45 minutes or more within five years.

His career to date has taken Julian to venues such as the Whisky A Go-Go and the House of Blues and more than 150 TV shows.

Check out the clips below to see him in action, first aged two during a reality show to find his band and second with said group.

Julian has taken the crown from Japanese jazz sticksman (sticksboy?) Taiga Onitsuka, who was credited at kicking off his career age nine.

Rich Chamberlain

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