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Type drums into YouTube and you'll be inundated with sticksmen and women of all ages, styles and skillsets busting out versions of their favourite tracks, and there's some gems hidden in there. To help you find them we've put together a selection for you to check out…

Cobus - 'Freestyler'

There's really no other places we could start this rundown than with this guy. Cobus has become synonymous with high quality drum covers over the last few years, so much so that he's become something of a web phenomenon.

This cover of Bomfunk MCs' turn-of-the-century dance floor filler 'Freestyler' shows you just why Cobus is such a YouTube favourite. Impeccable playing with a healthy dollop of style.

Jonah - 'Toxicity'

Like Cobus, Jonah is a YouTube superstar. Unlike Cobus, Jonah is only five-years-old. Here he tackles System Of A Down's 'Toxicity', and if you take a look at his YouTube channel you can see the pint-sized tub thumper rocking out to AC/DC, Dream Theater, The Offspring and more!

Ricky - 'Telephone'

Ricky spices up the cover concept with a dose of double drumming on Lady GaGa's 'Telephone'. Syncopated playing, stick tricks and some killer double bass, what more could you ask for?

Frank - 'No One Knows'

This one's well worth checking out if only to marvel at the awesome chorus fills that Dave rocks in the original Queens Of The Stone Age classic and Frank replicates perfectly here.

He's also put together a clip slowing down the fills to help those trying to learn the track. Frank also admits to having a man crush on Dave Grohl, but then who doesn't?

Rick Astley - 'I Kissed A Girl'

Ok, not really. But you've got to admit Rick's got the art of stick spinning down to a tee.

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