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VIDEO: James Heatley of The Answer talks AC/DC

Hopefully the ringing in your ears (and the hangover) has died down since returning from the Download Festival earlier this month. We've just about recovered but we're still trawling through the hours of ace footage we took at the festival.

Before their sun-drenched set on the Saturday we spent some time in the company of the awesome James Heatley from Irish rock gods The Answer. The band has spent most of this year on the road with the AC/DC World Tour juggernaut so we used the time to probe James about the influence the Aussie rockers have had on The Answer, succumbing to injuries on the road and getting to watch Phil Rudd play every night. It's safe to say we were green with envy!

Check out the video below.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, here's a quick video of our Download highlights.