VIDEO: Guide to Remote Session Drumming

In the latest issue of Rhythm we kick off a brand new series looking at exactly what it takes to set yourself up as a Remote Session Drummer, with James Hester and a host of top session drummers at the helm.

In Part One we look at things from the business perspective. Is there a market for you? Can you make a viable living room from it? How do you promote yourself?

To accompany the series we've also produced some video featuring even more insider knowledge from seasoned pros like Ralph Salmins and Russ Miller. Watch the first video below.

Chris Barnes

I'm MusicRadar's eCommerce Editor. It's my job to manage the buyer's guides on MusicRadar and help musicians find the right gear and the best prices. I'm a guitarist and a drummer and I've worked in the music gear industry for 18 years, including 7 years as Editor of the UK's best-selling drum magazine Rhythm, and 5 years as a freelance writer working with many of the world's biggest musical instrument brands including the likes of Roland, Boss, MusicRadar and Natal.