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Steven Adler has continued to speak out over everything Guns N' Roses, this time giving his thoughts on Axl and co's latest output.

He told "That's not Guns N' Roses. He should have called that W, dash, A, dash, R. W-Axl-Rose, W-A-R. I think it would have worked out much better for him. Because Guns N' Roses is five guys. The last song I recorded was 'Civil War' and tell me if I'm wrong, but I know I'm not, after that song it's a completely different band."

From one unpredictable band to another, The Libertines have announced a warm-up show ahead of their Reading and Leeds reunion performances later this summer.

Gary Powell and the boys will play their first gig together in six years at the HMV Forum on 25 August. We recently caught up with Gary, who told us he hadn't listened to any of the Libs old material just yet ahead of the shows. See what else he had to say here.

Another band to announce intimate tour dates are Funeral For A Friend. You'll be able to catch the Welsh emo stars at the following shows:

12 November: Reading Sub89
13 November: Swansea Sin City
14 November: Leicester Sub91

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