The Week in Drums



© Roy McMahon/Corbis

It's been another busy week in the world of drums, so here's our round-up of all of the latest news.

Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts has told that things are very different for aspiring sticksman today then they were in his youth.

He said: "In those days, as they say, we didn't have DVDs and that, so you couldn't watch Elvis.

"I never saw DJ Fontana until I met him. I never saw him play. So the guys I saw were Phil Seaman, London-based people: Tony Kinsey, Allan Ganley."

Luckily, today would-be drummers can see their favourite bands in action on DVD, and you can win a copy of Charlie and the Stones' latest small screen offering by heading here.

Love free music? Love The Gaslight Anthem? Then check this out.

The band has posted a new track from their forthcoming album - American Slang - online.

Hear it for yourself here.

Having heard the full album recently we can confirm that it's another superb effort from the band.

Rush will screen their new movie Beyond The Lighted Stage on Monday (24 May).

The documentary will be shown at The Soho Hotel in London, before being released in cinemas for one night only in June.

A treasure trove of stars appear in the film, with Taylor Hawkins, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan - and of course Neil Peart and co - among those featured.

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