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Tama Starclassic now available in Lars Ulrich Magnetic Orange finish


has made Lars Ulrich's new finish, LU Magnetic Orange (LUM), as seen on

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's Death Magnetic World Tour Starclassic Maple kit available on their Starclassic series drums.

Lars fanatics wanting to pay homage to their favourite pint-sized motormouth should head to UK drum shop


. They have a Starclassic Maple in LU Magnetic Orange, and in Lars' exact sizes in stock right now. The kit comprises 22"x16" bass drums (x2), 10"x8", 12"x9" rack toms, 16"x14" and 16"x16" floor toms and 14"x6.5" Lars Ulrich Signature snare.

Get on it while you have the chance. You'll be bashing on the double bass lick from 'One' in no time!