Session Drumming Month: Getting An Endorsement Part 2

As part of our Session Month we've looked into dispelling some of the myths surrounding drum endorsements. While in search of answers to those oh-so-common endorsement questions we also spoke to Regal Tip's Jay Medynski, who had some advice for would-be endorsees on everything from promo packs to understanding what an endorsement actually is.

How does the Artist Relations program at Regal Tip work?

"Our program is pretty simple, we get in applicants from all around the world and we evaluate what are needs are based on trends, music genres and exposure into a particular area."

What do we look for and how do we evaluate?

"We look for potential artist who already have a following or who have some influence in an area as a performer or educator."

"While we would prefer a potential artist to play our product, if the situation is right, I am happy to try and convert a new player over to the dark side."

Should drummer send in promo packs?

"While we do except promo packs I prefer to have them sent in from a management group, record label or school representative. This pack should include a brief bio, picture, cd, and tour or performance schedule."

Are there any no-nos?

"I know everyone is excited about their career, but it is important to get this information across in a professional way and it sounds like a given, but be nice, just like in a band situation we want to partner ourselves with people that are easy to work with. Your attitude can make just as much of an impression as your playing."

How important is it for a drummer to be using your product before they contact you?

"While we would prefer a potential artist to play our product, if the situation is right, I am happy to try and convert a new player over to the dark side."

Is free gear a reality?

"We have a few different levels of endorsement and most are based on a discount. To acquire a free endorsement you would have to be a very high profile player with a lot of visibility."

How many people approach you for an endorsement deal?

"I will literally get hundreds of press packs a year and email inquiries are at least a few dozen a week. So it's hard to keep up sometimes, I try to respond to everyone, while most wont get a deal I don't want to discourage anyone in there career or in there appreciation for our product."

What do you expect form an artist.

"We expect our artist to promote our product at every opportunity and that would include logo placement, CD recognition, media advertising including website, Facebook and Twitter shout outs as well as taking the opportunity to promote our products directly with fans and especially drummers.

"Understand that this is a business partnership and not just about free product; we are using your fame and influence to sell products and hopefully help you in your career with great support and exposure. And also play the products you feel passionate about and not just on the free deal, don't sell out!"

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