Roy Mayorga's studio dos and don'ts

Roy mayorga

Roy mayorga

Roy Mayorga is back with a brand new Stone Sour album, House of Gold and Bones, and to mark the occasion we've looked back at our March 2011 cover feature with Roy and dug out some choice words of advice for sticksmen everywhere from the hard hitting rock hero.

On the dos and don'ts of recording, Roy had these sage words to offer: "Know what you're doing before you go in the studio because time is money. Practice it until you can do it in your sleep. These days a lot of people play to a click in the studio and some bands make the mistake of not practicing to the click.

"The best thing to do is if you're playing to a click for your recordings, definitely do it in pre-production. It's good to play to a click these days. I play to a click live. I do that because we have a tendency of rushing here and there.

"I like to have the click in the background in my monitors as a reference point. There's so many songs and tempos so it's nice to have that in the back."

House of Gold and Bones is released on 22 October.

Rich Chamberlain

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