Roy Haynes album coming this summer

Roy haynes

Roy haynes

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Even as he approaches his 86th birthday it seems you just can't keep Roy Haynes away from the kit. Or the recording studio.

The jazz legend told that he has a new album on the way later this year, and it sees him join up with another bonafide icon.

When asked about any musicians he wish he'd had the chance to play with, Roy said: "I've been very fortunate. I've played with a lot of the great older people and a lot of the great younger people as well. It's been a hell of a career.

"To play with the man who played with King Oliver to playing with Chick Corea or Pat Metheny, both of whom I've played with and recorded with. Chick played on a couple of tracks on my latest album, which will be out sometime this summer. I think it's going to be called Royalty."

While we wait for the new album here's some classic Roy to salivate to.

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