Ronnie Vannucci talks going solo and the return of the Killers



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Ronnie Vannucci heads back to the UK later this month for his Big Talk tour. Ahead of the jaunt we caught up with him to chat going solo, standing up front every night and the return of the Killers.

How are you finding solo life?

"It's a lot of fun. It was just to kill a bit of time and see what was inside myself, other than being a drummer. It's been really rewarding. It's been an uphill battle because you introduce the idea and everybody kind of gives you the hairy eye or support it in a superficial way. This was before the tracks and since hearing them it's been a little easier. Trying to get everybody on board initially was tough."

The album has had a great critical reception

"I didn't think it was going to be that way. It was just one of those things. I wanted it to be that way. The transition is actually really natural. It doesn't matter what instrument you're playing as long as you're into it and there's passion. People ask what it's like stepping out front but it's not really a whole lot different, it's just playing music."

"There's times I look back at the drums and think, 'F*** man, I wish I was playing. Wanna trade?'"

By the sounds of things you're pretty excited about getting over to the UK later this month

"Yeah. I can't believe it actually. I still remember the feeling of not even wanting to show anybody these songs and now I'm playing dates in the UK."

Have you already started thinking about a follow-up record?

"I hope that I can find the time to make another one. I've written some more songs. But at the same time I'm looking forward to making another Killers record. The songs we've written have got me really excited. It's trying to have your cake and eat it too! It's Killers world up next."

What is the current state of play with the Killers?

"We've been doing a month on then a month off. This is a month off right now. We go in and jam and come up with songs and record demos. Now we're weeding out the ideas and trying to come up with a set of songs to record. We're going to record in Nashville next month."

Have you missed drumming while working on Big Talk?

"Yeah. There's times I look back at the drums and think, 'F*** man, I wish I was playing. Wanna trade?' But it's a nice change in a way."

Has that helped keep things fresh though for when you return to the Killers?

"Yeah. It's nice to come back, especially during these writing sessions, with a new perspective having been in different shoes."

Ronnie's Big Talk play Glasgow on 24 September before shows in Manchester and London on 26 and 28 respectively.

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