Ringo Starr Invites Fans to Birthday Bash

Happy belated birthday to former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, the new contender for Dave Grohl´s ‘Nicest Man in Rock´ crown. As a gesture of ‘peace and love´ (all we need. No, really), via his MySpace site Mr Starr announced that his only birthday wish was “more peace and love”.
"Wherever you are," said Ringo on his MySpace blog, "office, home, bus, tube, sitting, standing, walking, alone or with others, doesn't matter - at noon on July 7 make the peace sign and think, say, shout, sing 'Peace & Love'."
Hundreds of people turned up to do just that in central Chicago, where Ringo was stationed with his All-Star Band, on Monday. And while Ringo himself was late out onto the street and so missed the whole shebang, he did graciously bring a mountain of cupcakes, which he and his wife Barbara handed out to the crowd. A jolly good fellow, indeed.