Rhythm Hot Band: The Loud

The loud

The loud

Band: The Loud

Drummer: Leroy Oxton

Who are they? Liverpudlian garage band prove that they're something to shout about.

Sound like: Primal Scream, The Black Keys, The Strokes

Why should you check them out? The Loud are the ultimate summer sound. Reviving the garage rock genre by effortlessly incorporating classic rock and post punk influences. The rhythm section is strong and infectious while lead singer Pennington Lee's voice holds each song and is sure to get under your skin.

Their new album Harris Shutter is worthy of your full attention, whether you are stuck in the car or winding down at home, this album is bizarrely soothing and energising at the same time.

The Loud have undeniable energy, grungy guitar sounds and gritty vocals that hide the pure structure and talent of each song. Tracks such as 'Amy's Gonna Get You' and 'A Little Taste Of Home' stand out as examples of their blunt delivery and foot stomping brilliance.

Go to: www.theloud.co.uk

Download: 'Amy's Gonna Get To You'