Rhythm Hot Band: Emarosa



Band: Emarosa

Drummer: Lukas Koszewski

Who are they? Kentucky metalcore masters back with a settled line-up and a killer sophomore album.

Sounds like: Post hardcore given a hooky metalcore makeover.

Why should you check them out? Having amassed a backlog of discarded vocalists and six-stringers in their first couple of years, Emarosa have put together a settled line-up during the last couple of years, and it's paying off big time if their self-titled new album is anything to go by.

Frontman Johnny Craig delivers hook-filled melodies and vocal lines which give Emarosa a mainstream appeal that could see them cross over, while the musicianship from drummer Lukas Koszewski and co is spot on. These guys could be the sleeper hit of 2010.

Go to: www.myspace.com/emarosa

Download: 'A Toast To The Future Kids'

Rich Chamberlain

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