Preview: Framing Hanley, Deaf Havana and Set Your Goals on Slam Dunk

Framing hanley

Framing hanley

The monster multi-day celebration of all things punk that is the Slam Dunk festival returns this May, and we've got a special preview from some of the killer bands on the bill.

Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Framing Hanley and many, many more have been announced for the fest so far.

Framing Hanley (pictured above) sticksman Chris Vest is understandably pumped about the whole thing. He said: "The Slam Dunk Festival is going to be incredible! It's going to be awesome to share the stage with so many great bands. I remember watching Less Than Jake play at Warped Tour when I was 13, now we are going to be playing with them! This will also be our first festival show in the UK so I'm expecting nothing but the best."

Tom Ogden, drummer for upstarts Deaf Havana added: "I can't wait. Last year was amazing, I'm particularly excited to watch The Starting Line. Last year was one of the first shows we had done since Ryan left and the response was amazing so going back this year is going to be very special. We always have a good time playing and hanging out."

Set Your Goals tub thumper Mike Ambrose also couldn't hold back from having his say about the May punk fest. "Being asked to play Slam Dunk for a second year in a row is truly an honour," he told us. "I've been looking forward to it all year. Slam Dunk 2010 was without a doubt my favorite festival I've ever played in the UK."

If that hasn't got you frothing at the mouth with excitement then we don't know what will. For full details of the shows take a look at

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