Portnoy splits with Avenged Sevenfold



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Mike Portnoy and Avenged Sevenfold have parted ways. A statement released by Portnoy revealed that the band had taken the decision to end the relationship at the end of 2010, as had originally been the plan.

He continued: ""I had an awesome time on stage with the guys every night and have so many cool memories from the experience with them… I am proud to always be part of the Avenged Sevenfold family and history. I also adore the Avenged Sevenfold fans and totally appreciate the way they welcomed me aboard and were so loving and supportive during my time with the band…thank you!

"As far as my future, I am excited by the endless musical possibilities that lie ahead of me…my love for music runs very deep and my taste is very broad and ecclectic which will give me the chance to explore many different things and collaborate with many great friends and artists I admire and respect."

Last month, Portnoy told us that his future in the band depended on Avenged's plans. You can read the whole interview here.

So, who's next for the Avenged dfrumstool? And where next for Portnoy?

Rich Chamberlain

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