Paul Cook: We want to make another Man Raze album

Man raze

Man raze

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Man Raze - the group featuring Sex Pistol Paul Cook and Def Leppard's Phil Collen - are back with a new track as part of a new film soundtrack. Punk pioneer Paul tells us how it all came about.

The Pistols sticksman explained how the band ended up contributing to the soundtrack for new superbike movie I, Superbiker, which is showing in cinemas from today.

He said: "I became involved through Mark Sloper [I, Superbiker director] who's a good friend of ours. He's really helped Man Raze out in the past. He's got a film company and he's made videos for us. It was an obvious thing to do really. He's helped us out a lot. He wanted a track for the album and he obliged."

Paul also told us that while it's been something of a slog getting the band off the ground, there are bright signs ahead.

He admitted: "It's been quite difficult because of people's commitment and a lot of people's lack of enthusiasm. Not us! But it's seemed really hard letting people know we're around.

"But we want to make another album. We're getting some feedback now from some guys that want to help us out. Because we've done Man Raze totally off our own backs. Hopefully come the summer we'll be making another album."

I, Superbiker is out now in cinemas and will be released on DVD next month. Paul is currently out on tour backing Edwyn Collins.

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