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MillionaireMatch fraudster isn't me, says Tommy Lee

Motley Crue

drummer Tommy Lee has said that someone claiming to be him, who has posted on rich singles site, is an imposter. A picture of the Motley Crue star appears alongside the apt username d33pthr0at, with details listed as: "Caucasian, drummer, 46, has kids, smokes and drinks regularly, travels a lot... and is rich as can be".

A spokesperson for Tommy has said in a recent statement: "Tommy Lee has no knowledge of this website or of this posting".

Well, that's that cleared up then! In other, more exciting news, Motley Crue will return to the UK this year to perform at the Download Festival on 12-14 June. Alongside the likes of Faith No More, Slipknot and Korn it's shaping up to be a drummer's dream of a festival line-up. Check the full list