Keane drummer switches to Zildjian cymbals

Richard Hughes of UK pop rock band Keane is now playing Zildjian cymbals.

Keane, whos latest album Perfect Symmetry released October 2008 reached #1 in the UK Album Chart, are set to embark on a comprehensive UK Tour the early part of next year, prior to that, there are some intimate dates in the USA.

Of the new relationship with Zildjian Richard says: "I used a variety of cymbals while making Perfect Symmetry but kept coming back to Zildjian (in particular a lovely pair of 13" A hi-hats, an 18" A Custom Projection crash and an 18" CIE crash) and I wanted to take this sound out on the road. I've been particularly impressed hearing the live sound of a couple of my favourite drummers - Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers) and Jules de Martino (the Ting Tings) so I'm very excited to join the Zildjian family."

Richard's touring set-up consists of:

14" A Custom Projection hi-hats
18" A Custom projection crash
19" K Dark Thin crash
21" K crash ride
40" Gong

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