Jordison sheds blood for Pro-Mark

In a year which has already seen Vinnie Paul ditch a career-spanning relationship with Pearl for ddrum it has just been announced that Slipknot's Joey Jordison has left Ahead sticks to join the Pro-Mark family and launch a new Autograph Series stick.

The TX515W Joey Jordison model is .551” (14mm) in diameter, and 16” long. Made of American Hickory, the TX515W is based on the popular 777 design but slightly shorter in length. A Japanese oak version (PW515) of the same stick will be made available at a later date.

The stick features the tribal S that all Slipknot fans have come to know and love as well as Joey´s number “1.” Ok, so it's a pretty standard Sig stick you might say? The big twist, that only someone like Joey could add, is that the red ink on the sticks has been mixed with Joey´s own blood. You can head to Pro-Mark's Joey page here to watch a video of the blood-taking and the ink mixing. Now that's dedication!

Joey gives blood for his new Pro-Mark Signature Stick
(image taken from Pro-Mark video)

Said Joey of the sticks, “The first wood stick I ever played was a Pro-Mark, so I´m thrilled to be joining the family! To show everyone just how serious I am about my new signature 515s, I´ve even gone as far as putting my own blood in the ink for them. It's not just my signature on these sticks, it's me.”

Joey mixes his own blood into the red ink for his Pro-Mark 515 stick
(image taken from Pro-Mark video)

The Joey Jordison autograph model TX515W will be available for sale on 15/05/09 at 5:15 PM.

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