Jam on stage with Alter Bridge!

Alter bridge

Alter bridge

Brace yourself Alter Bridge fans because this is an absolute belter of a competition. How do you fancy going to see Scott Philips and co on their UK tour this month. And watching them soundcheck. And getting on stage and jamming with them?! Oh my…

We've teamed up with Roadrunner to offer exactly that. All you have to do is head over to Roadrunner's online entry form and answer the simple question.

Five winners will receive tickets for themselves and three friends to a show on the tour, and while they're there they'll be able to watch the band soundcheck and then they can get on stage and jam with them on the instrument of their choice.

Winners will also get a copy of Alter Bridge's awesome new ABIII album, as well, as if that little lot wasn't enough.

Head to Roadrunner's entry form to check out the full details.

Rich Chamberlain

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