Iggy Pop speaks out on Scott Asheton illness



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Iggy Pop has revealed that Stooges drummer Scott Asheton almost died this summer. Head inside for more.

Pop told Rolling Stone that Asheton fell ill during a flight to the UK.

He said: "He was rushed to the hospital after our appearance at Hellfest in France. He was on a flight to England when all sorts of hell broke loose. Without proper medical attention right there he would have bought it. He got very, very good care from the British and all sorts of tests. He's now at home in Florida and I think he'll be fine with a lot of rest."

The rock icon revealed that he hopes Asheton will return to the band next year, although he stopped short of giving exact details of the illness that has struck the drummer down.

On the performances of stand-in Larry Mullins, Pop added: "The fella that came in to do the job is a worshipful accolade of his drumming who has been studying every four bars of our musical output since he was a teenager. He knows the songs forwards and backwards."

Rich Chamberlain

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