Gear: Protection Racket Deluxe Rucksack Bags

Pro rack

Pro rack

Drummers, please take a moment and spare a thought for your long-suffering gear. Kits, snares, cymbals, it all gets one hell of a pounding on and off stage. Well, Protection Racket have released some new bags that could make your kit's life that bit more comfortable.

The Deluxe Rucksack Snare case will not only keep your drum safe and snug, it'll also make your life easier. Simply sit your snare inside and sling the bag over your shoulders, leaving your hands free you lugging round your cymbals.

That's where the second of Protection Racket's new line comes in - the Rucksack Cymbal Bag. These feature Propile dividers to help separate your metals and are coated all zips with nickel plate steel to make them completely road proof.

Snare rucksacks are available in 14"x6.5" and 14"x5.5" and are priced £40.99. Cymbal rucksacks come in at £93.99.

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