Fans come together to save Ringo's home



© Jacques Haillot/Sygma/Corbis

A fan-led campaign has been launched to save the former home of Ringo Starr.

The legendary sticksman spent the early years of his life at the Toxteth abode, which has been pinpointed for demotion several times during the last few years.

In light of the latest threat, the Save Madryn Street (SMS) campaign has been launched.

Phil Coppell, founder of SMS, told the BBC: "We are going to fight tooth and nail in Liverpool, and around the world, to call a halt to this crazy decision to demolish Madryn Street.

"The homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon are already preserved and Ringo is no less important.

"We want to see Ringo's birthplace conserved and turned into proper tourist destination and we are also taken by the idea that some of the houses could be converted for tourist lets."

Keeping in mind that a list earlier this year from the Sunday Times earmarked Ringo as the UK's wealthiest drummer with a £140 million fortune, we reckon he could probably snap up the whole street if he fancied it.

The news comes as a toilet once owned (and presumably used) by John Lennon is about to go up for sale at auction tomorrow. It is thought that the Beatle bog will fetch around £1,000.

Rich Chamberlain

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