Drum heroes week: Brendan Canty

Washington DC hardcore legends Fugazi were formed in 1987 by Minor Threat's Ian MacKaye, bassist Joe Lally plus guitarist Guy Picciotto and drummer Brendan Canty from emo prototypes Rites Of Spring. Throughout the late '80s and '90s, Fugazi's DIY values shaped the temperament and tone of American hardcore. Self-managed and releasing all their records through their own label Dischord, the band maintains a policy of affordable access to all through low record and ticket prices and all-ages shows.

Brendan started drumming at 15 in a short-lived band called Deadline before joining Rites Of Spring. A multi-instrumentalist, he has also brought many key riffs to Fugazi's later songs. On the kit, Canty's measured rhythm changes, rim shots and explosive bursts of power glued their distinctive sounds together. Classic albums such as 13 Songs, Repeater, Steady Diet Of Nothingand In On The Kill Taker, Canty's interesting rhythms and beat placements lifted the music far above their hardcore contemporaries. And his set-up included a large ship's bell. How cool is that?

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