Dom Howard: 'We'll never stop learning as players'



© Amy Harris/Corbis

Dom Howard is back at the top of the UK album chart with Muse's epic return The 2nd Law. To mark the occasion we've taken a look back at Dom's latest Rhythm cover feature.

Back in our June 2010 issue, Dom gave a clear indication that he had no sign of letting up on his musical evolution.

He said: "Musicianship is in constant evolution and I'm always looking to expand my own abilities, in particular when it comes to being comfortable on stage. It's something that Andy Burrows (ex-Razorlight drummer) and I have talked about in the past - about how tense you can get on stage and how different you feel when you get up there as opposed to when you're in the rehearsal studio. There's definitely some weird psychology going on there and you need to combat that by being on top of your game so you can play within your limits.

"I don't think that we'll ever stop learning as players, there's still a lot we want to do. It's the things we haven't done yet that keep us driven and moving forward."

So, do you think Dom has done just that on The 2nd Law? Has he taken his playing to a whole new level? And where will he go from here?