August issue of Rhythm on sale now



August issue of Rhythm on sale now


Neil Peart

Rush's prog drumming legend Neil Peart tells us about his continuing pursuit of drumming excellence. The Professor lets us in on why after 45 years behind the kit he's still working to make himself a better player. Neil talks about taking lessons, improvisation, finding the perfect sound and much more. We also get a guided tour of the Time Machine kit from Neil's drum tech Lorne Wheaton and wind the clock back to The Professor's first-ever Rhythm cover.


Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty) on funk beats and taking nothing for granted

Jason Bonham talks losing Led Zep and finding salvation with Black Country Communion

Skindred's Arya Goggin discusses raga-metal mash-ups with the livewire groundbreakers

Gary Powell and Adam Ficek launch London Guns - From superstar drummers to superstar DJs

We pay tribute to the late ska pioneer Lloyd Knibb

PLUS: We talk to Steve Hewitt (Placebo), James Heatley (The Answer), Brain (Primus/solo) and more


Yamaha Club Custom drum kit
Gretsch Mark Schulman snare drum
Pearl Le Vintage Sensitone snare drum
Roland TD-4K and TD-9K2 electronic drum kits
Sontronic drum mics
PRK cajons


Learn how to play Blink-182's modern pop punk classic 'The Rock Show', Jackson 5 dancefloor-filler 'I Want You Back' and new Arctic Monkleys single 'Don't Sit Down…'


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