Adde Andreasson talks new Hardcore Superstar album



When it comes to sleaze, no one does it better than the Swedes. And Sweden's finest are back with a brand new album - Hardcore Superstar's Split Your Lip.

It's an absolute belter, packed with hook-heavy glam rock. A real end of year gem, so much so that we just had to catch up with drummer Adde Andreasson to find out how Hardcore Superstar knocked out the album of their lives.

From 2005's self titled album onwards your music has had a much harder edge compared to the first four albums, was that a conscious decision or just the progression of the band?

"Me and Martin (Sandvik, bass) discussed the future for the band and we just wanted to mix all our favourite styles into the band."

You're heavily involved in writing the band's material, how has that affected your drumming style?

"Since I started to write our songs I think my playing started to really sound more like I was not just a drummer. I have the luxury of knowing at an early stage what to play and what not to play. Nowadays I don't care so much about fills, I spend much more time on groove these days. At the end of the day I just want to sound like Alex Van Halen. I used to practice back in the day just to practice but now I love to get inspired of a new song and practice to the tune and build what comes to my mind."

What kit and set-up did you use on Split Your Lip?

"I used a Tama Starclassic maple kit. 26", 13", 16" and 18" sizes with Evans Power Centre heads on the toms and G2 coated on the snare. On the bass drum I used a single ply marching head called MX1. Iron Cobra double pedal and Tama hardware. I play Mb20 Meinl live but since we recorded the album old school style I used more soft and dark sounding cymbals. On the hi-hat I used a 16" Byzance Dark crash for the bottom and a Byzance 16" Dry crash on the top. For crashes I used a Byzance Extra Thin 22" ride and a Byzance 20" Sweet Light ride."

What kind of drum sound were you going for on the album?

"For the first time we did not have a reference or an album to guide us. We worked with a producer called Tobias Lindell this time and he had a very clear picture how our album should sound like. I just told him that I did not want to trig or sound replace my drums and he loved the whole live idea. We recorded all basics live and set the sound in five days without any click tracks and we wanted everything to sound old school."

What's coming up through the end of 2010 and 2011 for the band?

"Tour, tour and did I say tour? We're a rock n' roll band and we have to tour to make a living. I love it though. Hopefully do more shows in Eastern Europe cause we've always ignored them. Hope to catch all of you."

Split Your Lip is out on 26 November

Rich Chamberlain

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