Zivix PUC+ review

Say goodbye to cable rage

  • £90

MusicRadar Verdict

It could be twice the price and still be a bargain for saving us from 'cable-rage'!


  • +

    Easy set-up.


  • -


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Nothing is more guaranteed to send a musician apoplectic with rage than untangling a thicket of rubberised spaghetti pretending to be your cables.

Zivix came to our aid with the original PUC with its wireless connectivity and now it has come up with PUC+ which boasts Bluetooth LE connectivity.

Why Bluetooth we hear you ask? Well, with iOS 8 came MIDI over Bluetooth and with PUC+ it is now possible to transmit multiple MIDI signals, so you can connect your MIDI controller wirelessly to your iPad and Mac at the same time. Set up is super easy - pop in a couple of batteries, connect your iPad and PUC+ will be discoverable in your app's MIDI settings.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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