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Zero-G Degrees of Abstract review

Is this sample of samples worth a look?

  • £60

MusicRadar Verdict

A handy package if you're looking to expand your electronica options.


  • +

    A good selection of samples and effects.


  • -

    Not a lot.

This release from audio sample developer Zero-G is a collection of vaguely leftfield electronica samples.

While it doesn't quite reach the high standard set by some of the company's recent titles, Degrees of Abstract still offers plenty of useful content.

At the heart of the collection are 40 construction kits. Stylistically, these cover everything from unfocused electronic noodling to sinister hip-hop atmospherics and twisted techno.

They're pretty good and beyond these kits you'll also find vocals, beats and FX. Though not essential, Degrees of Abstract is still worth considering if you're short on electronica inspiration.

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