Sonokinetic Sotto review

A dazzling array of orchestral delight

  • €303

MusicRadar Verdict

An excellent library that is fun to play and use, and all the better for its subtle musical approach.


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    Loads of superb instruments.


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Sotto is the latest in Sonokinetic's phrase-based orchestral library range, and embraces the less bombastic side of the orchestra.

The installer offers 16 and 24-bit downloads, with the higher bit depth weighing in at 38GB (uncompressed).

Rather than deeply sampling each note of every instrument, this approach embraces ready-composed musical motifs played in their entirety by different sections of the orchestra - in this case strings, brass and woodwinds.

Each section has its own Kontakt instrument preset, within which you can load three simultaneously playable phrases.

Each instrument has 54 possible phrases spread across Low, Mid and High note ranges, and allows the loading of four different (three-part) presets ready for real-time keys-switching - and with automatic chord recognition. A neat new feature is the ability to offset the timing of phrases.