Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity review

Enough guitar-based sounds to sink a battleship

  • $600
To Infinity and... you know the rest.

MusicRadar Verdict

A versatile collection of sound scoring tools that goes infinitely further than basic guitar sounds.


  • +

    Combines previous Cinematic Guitar instruments with a new library of samples and powerful sound-melding engine.


  • -

    Expensive for the full package.

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Weighing in at 25GB, this one brings together Cinematic Guitars plus Cinematic Guitars 2 and the new v3, then uses the source samples of all three to power a fourth instrument: Infinity.

CG3 seems to use a modified version of the engine that debuted in Arpology, while Infinity uses an upgraded Xosphere engine, featuring Arpology/CG3's Step Animator and a new X/Y morph pad.

Quite a collection, then, with four very different interfaces and enough guitar-based sounds (from recognisable to processed beyond recognition, taking in pads, 'synths', FX, percussion sounds and more) to sink a battleship.

All four libraries are great, but Infinity is the headline act, in large part thanks to that amazing sound-melding octopus of an engine.

As is so often the case with Sample Logic, however, the price for the full package is a little tough to swallow, although the crossgrades from CG1 and 2 are slightly less eye-watering, at $480 if you own one or $360 if you've already got both.

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