Numark PHX DJ Headphones review

  • £40
  • €45
  • $100
Numark's PHX DJ headphones.

MusicRadar Verdict

Perfect for DJ-ing!


  • +

    Large ear-cups.


  • -

    Relatively 'ordinary' sound quality.

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These DJ headphones offer much of the same performance for a few quid less than some other brands.

They're not the greatest sounding headphones on the market, but you'd be hard-pushed to find a set with large ear-cups and reversible housing for this price.

They'll go to a fairly high volume without breaking up, but they aren't as sympathetic as the top of the line models.

They're tough enough to take the gigging wear and tear of your average DJ set and benefit from a few cheeky extras such as replaceable cables and a handy storage pouch.


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