MOTU Symphonic Instrument review

This virtual instrument pack offers all the fun of the orchestra, in a compact package

  • £209
The MOTU interface it excellent and really easy to use

MusicRadar Verdict

While it may not be the most authentic sounding package, the 'Tutti' set is a nice element and it's easy to use.


  • +

    Great interface. Not too space-hungry. Good range of instruments and ensembles.


  • -

    Space saving leads to some artificial sounds.

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MOTU have developed a taste for software instruments, hence why they've released this cross-platform orchestral plug-in.

This provides a full orchestra rather than just a string set and the emphasis is on providing the most useful programs rather than every nuance under the sun.

That said, you'll find a good range here: the ensemble violins folder alone includes marcato, runs up and down, spiccato, sustains, trills, tremolos and gliss programs.

Sound loading takes place via MOTU's intuitive browser, which narrows your search until you find what you're looking for.

The 'Tutti' set provides a full string orchestra under one key or chord, all struck with power and precision and is the place to turn if you want instant drama.

Elsewhere you'll find the ensemble group folder for all four sections, plus a very useable set of programs for solo strings.

The interface allows synthesiser-style control of amp envelopes, filtering and so on.

There's also an onboard convolution reverb that lets you blend in the sound of myriad concert halls and performance spaces. All this under one 8Gb roof.

This is possible because of clever use of sampled loops for sustained sections of sound, which helps keep the library size down.

Inevitably, it slightly compromises the authenticity, but that's the only point that lets down an otherwise solid offering.

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